First Outreach Observations

July 6th

Yay! Today we are doing our first outreach.

The purpose of outreaches is to provide medical care to people in specific regions at schools, community spaces, and churches. At these outreaches, people have the opportunity to go to a dental clinic, get an HIV test, go in for a general visit and receive antenatal care. Khiefo, gives students like me the opportunity to observe and shadow their diagnoses and medical process.

I had a wonderful time at the dental clinic today. I learned how to apply fluoride on younger students. The word Open in Rukiga (one of the local languages spoken in the Kabale region) is “Oshama.” The students lined up in an orderly fashion and allowed me to help them apply fluoride for their teeth. Flouride is important because it strengthens tooth enamel and can prevent decay. The kids danced and sang for us. It was fun to dance along with them. I remember growing up with tons of cavities. I should have used more flouride!











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