Interview with Hunter Davidson



Hunter was someone that I became very close to, while in Kabale. I wanted to interview her for her water project because of her dedication to human rights.

Here is a link to her gofundme:

water tanks

Year Graduated/University/Major: 2018 Oregon State University Public Health Management and Policy

Grad School Plans/Dreams: I am attending Oregon State University Graduate School to earn a masters degree in applied ethics with the goal of becoming a medical ethicist

What inspired you for your project? The thing that inspired me for my project was seeing the water tanks and communities that are impacted by the lack of having water

What are your target populations? The target population is community families in certain rural communities [in Kabale]

Why do you think your project will make a difference? I think this project will make a difference because it will provide water to families, specifically enabling children to go to school and get an education because they will not have to spend their time fetching water for their families and missing school

How will this project be sustainable? This project will be sustainable because I am looking into partnering with different organizations that focus on providing water to developing countries and also because the water tanks themselves are sustainable and require very little maintenance, meaning that they last families a long time once the families have them

How has your background in bioethics influenced the way you have done projects in Uganda? My background in bioethics has made me think very consciously about the projects I do and also the way that I handle day to day interactions. I do not want to come and cause damage, and sometimes small short-term projects in developing countries do that. Being aware of this has helped me to evaluate the impact of my actions before doing them.

What drives you in your life? All I really want to do in my life is help people and use the talents and skills that I have for the better good. I think that a lot of what drives me is the common humanity that we all share with each other and I want to contribute to the better good of everyone else.


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